I drew this picture of Bob back in November 2010 for his character profile on the MO site. Something was always wrong with this damn picture. I thought I’d tried everything. Eyes? Moved ‘em. Mouth? Moved it. Jaw? Moved it. I was talking to pepper about old art, got nostalgic(?), and came across this painting on my dA.


I could see what was wrong with it! Or, that’s what I thought. I thought it would be cool to see what I could quick-fix. I thought the problem was actually his nose, because his nose didn’t protrude enough from his face. That was true, but then I noticed - whoops, okay, maybe his eye is in the right place, but the eyelids don’t wrap around it properly. Whoops, his entire face is too large for his head. Maybe I should just… re-grid his whole head. Oh, cool. Whoops, his mouth is too wide. Whoops, chin’s not in the right place. Whoops. Whoops. Whoops.

There was nothing that wasn’t wrong with the picture! I’m sure it’s still got problems, but I hope it’s at least an improvement over two years ago.

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