to the Four Anonymous Questions about The Oscars

I didn’t watch the Oscars.

I didn’t watch them for a reason. Award shows almost always give me hell of second hand embarrassment. That’s okay, though, I got my fair share of that reading tumblr posts about it last night. That’s my bad, though. I should have stopped periodically checking back.

It’s mean to openly pick on little girl’s names, and it’s sad that full grown adults can’t remember that. Seth McFarlane is unfunny, and probably an irritating little shit in real life. You probably know this by watching Family Guy; if you don’t, maybe you know it by watching American Dad. In either case, watching people act like his drivel is not only offensive (a given), but new, is deeply tiring. A guy wore blackface last year. The Oscars, guys.

The Oscars. Don’t ask me about it. My opinion is that I don’t want to be asked about the Oscars. I’m pole-vaulting my high-strung ass gracefully off the Internet for a day or two, in hopes that when I return, it’ll be during a lull in “people constantly either shocked by, or pretending to be shocked by, reality, I can’t tell which it is half the time”.

SORRY TO BE SO GROUCHY I honestly mean that. But, a blog’s for venting, I guess.
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