full disclosure: I am getting pretty tired of the concept of “cultural appropriation”, in no small part because I am pretty sure people are conflating it with “being a disrespectful little shit”

it’s like the word “appropriate” has lost all meaning or something. “cultural appropriation” has become the go-to catch-all for whenever we wanna give that special progressive glare-down-the-nose air to complaints about Average Joe Schmo and his Average Joe Schmo lack of isms vocabulary.

Let’s take another specific, useful term and waaaaaaater it down until nobody takes it seriously anymore, at which point it becomes nigh impossible to discuss real problems and get anywhere. Great idea! Good job. I love you.

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    Here’s the post prior to that one. HOWEVER I don’t think using terms you don’t understand the meaning of is a good idea....
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    ohkay….. so explain what your definition of cultural appropriation is and what it should be used for and what it...
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  11. sissyclub said: i don’t think it’s impossible. you just need extra words to create the distance where before you mightn’t have.. sure it makes drawing lines harder, but drawing lines is always going to be hard.
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