You may not have read the last ask. You may not have clicked the link. That is fine. But the video? The video isĀ great.

Yeah, you know, it’s a little bizarre, I admit. But if you think about most cat toys, they’re kinda bizarre. Cats are kinda bizarre. Y’know, big carpeted pillars that they can go up to and scratch? That’s kinda weird. Little balls with bells inside that they knock around? That’s kinda strange. If you’re a cat, you’re entertained by things that normally wouldn’t appeal to humans, and there’s not many humans who would crawl into a big, crinkly bag just for the fun of it. But if you’re a cat, that’s exactly the kind of thing you do. ‘Cause,there’s not much else, I guess, you can really do with your time.

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    As much as I hate my job right now, I don’t think I hate it even 1/64th as much as Mike hated hawking overpriced cat...
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    i love mike rowe so much
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    God I love old Mike Rowe late night QVC videos.
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    QVC-era Mike Rowe is the best Mike Rowe.
  17. bigbigtruck said: That cat doesn’t even know what to do with itself. Whose cat is that?
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