I think the best thing about knitting is that I don’t give a fuck what anybody thinks about my knitting.

I can’t get away with that with anything else I do. I care what you think of my writing. I care what you think about my drawing, about how I present myself. I care about how I look (usually). I do not care what you think about my knitting. It’s such a relief. If I’m making you a scarf, I sure hope you like the colors, but if you scowl at a twisted stitch or two, well, buy your own. Shitwheel.

The only - and I mean really, the only - downside is that people keep telling me to make something for myself. The lady who taught me to knit. The people who I buy yarn from. My roommate. You guys are missing the point. Knitting is not a burden to me. I am not a gift-martyr. I have a ton of scarves; trust me, I don’t need any. I knit for fun. It just so happens that the products make good gifts, and I enjoy coming up with new ways to create within the parameters given to me by the giftee.

It’s so nice not to care.

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  2. contemplatingchicken said: Do you find knitting kind of meditative? I feel like many of the people I know who knit or crochet really appreciate the repetitive action as kind of… non-religious rosary.
  3. danteo said: knit your little powerful heart out, kid— shit I don’t have a knitting pun to throw in, but oh well. WELL EVEN IF YOU DON’T CARE I THINK Your knitting looks very nice.
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